Thursday, January 18, 2007

Four new Cyber-shot digital camera in Sony's pipeline

  • Sony plans to release four new models in its Cyber-shot digital camera line over the next couple of months.
  • The DSC-W55, DSC-W35, DSC-S700 and DSC-S650 will feature 7.2-megapixel imagers, 3x zoom lenses, and more internal memory than other models.
  • The W-series cameras include technologies for taking clearer pictures in low-light conditions. All the new models feature longer battery life than previous cameras. A fully charged battery can power 380 shots with the W55 and W35 models, and 460 shots with the S700 and S650.
  • The W55, W35 and S650 models are scheduled to ship to stores in February. Prices are set at $200, $180, and $150, respectively. The S700 model is set to ship in March, and is expected to cost $180.

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