Sunday, February 25, 2007

Artistic effect in your photo with HP photosmart R727

With HP photosmart R727 you can give beautiful artistic touch to your photos. There are various effects aavailable with which you can give your photos a new meaning.

Ink Dots: Simulates monocolor pointillism. Options are there to select ink color and paper color separately.
Cartoon: You can Simulate a highly-graphical comic book image.
WaterColor: This option to simulate a watercolor painting.
Center Focus: This option to create feathered blur radiation from a sharp center to a blurred image.
Posterize: Createa high-contrast, flat toned effect.
Retro: If you want to take a photo with two-color, high- contrast look look from the 70s, this is the option to choose.
Soft Glow: Select this option to create a diffuse, bright ethereal glow picture.
Vintage : Nothing to explain more about, this option is to take a photo with aged, scratched look.
Slimming: Compresses centered subjects for a slimmer look.
Sky Color: Enhances sky with a feathered color that fades from the top down.
Ground Color: Enhances landscapes with a feathered color that fades from the bottom up.
Kaleidoscope: Mirrors an image is four direction.
Solarize: Creates a partial reversalof tones and emphasizes outlines.

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