Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nikon D40X SLR In-Camera image Editing

Nikon D40X provides several Image editing function with in the camera

D-Lighting : Automatically balances light and brings out detail to enhance result and add creative touch to your image, all while achieving overall exposure balance.

Image Trim: This feature allows photographer to trim images with in the camera. In this way if you don't need the whole image, trim it with in the camera and save the image with smaller file size.

Red-eye Correction : This is common feteare in all high end cameras. With this, camera can detect annoying red-eyes caused by flash.

Image Overlay: You can merge pair of JPG file and can make a composite image. This feature is really good and with your imagination you can give a new look to your photos.

Monochrome setting : Give any in-camera image monochrome effects such as black and white or sephia tone(like antique look).

Filter Effect: You can add effect like skylight, warmtone or Color balance in your image.

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