Tuesday, April 3, 2007

3CCD camera advantage.

CCD is a important feature in digital camera or camcorder. Now-a-days high-end camera comes with 3CCD. With a 3-CCD camera, each CCD is devoted to red, green and blue colour. In 3CCD camera, light coming into the lens is split by trichoric prism assembly, which directs the appropriate wavelength ranges of light to their respective CCDs. 3-CCD camera can manage separate reading of red, green, and blue values for each pixel, that can make better precision than single-CCD cameras.

When comparing the 3 digital original-images of the 3CCD camera to the single CCD camera they seem identical in plain eyes. In practice single CCD cameras yield images which are more blurred than those of 3CCD cameras.

In terms of price, 3CCD cameras are more expensive than single-CCD cameras. Because 3CCD cameras have more elements to form the image detector, and they also have a precision color-separation beam-splitter optical assembly.

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