Saturday, April 7, 2007

Panasonic DMC-FZ8 with intelligent Image Stabilization and ISO control

Panasonic incorporated intelligence Imeage stabilization (O.I.S.) that prevents blurring from shaky hands – the leading cause of blurry images. Featured in the entire Lumix line-up since 2005. In Panasonic's Mega O.I.S., sensors act at a frequency of 4,000 times per second to accurately detect even slight camera movement by hand shaking . With Mega O.I.S., it is easier to capture clear, sharp, beautiful images when shooting telephoto shots, indoor portraits. It is so advanced that you can take a perfect snap of illuminated night scenes or even the scenery you see from a train window.
While hand-shake is the most common reason of blurry images, another major reason of blur image is the movement of the subject as the shot is being snapped. By incorporating Panasonic's new Intelligent ISO Control, camera can detect whether or not the subject is moving. If it is, the system automatically raises the ISO setting accordingly, allowing the camera to shoot at a higher shutter speed. If the subject is not moving, the camera shoots at a low ISO setting and captures beautiful, natural-looking images.This intelligent ISO Control feature can help you to shoot subjects that are often moving, such as Sports, or moving car or waterfall . Simply select the mode that best suits the subject, and Intelligent ISO Control provides the optimal corrections, making it easy to capture perfect photo.

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